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Sometimes liposuction alone cannot provide the optimal result or one that the patient really desires.  This is especially true on the abdomen.  Pregnancy, rapid weight gain and prior surgeries can all change the contour and amount of skin on the abdomen.  Tummy tucks or abdominoplasties are a surgery designed to address abdominal wall “looseness” or laxity and excessive skin.   

Dr. Marino on Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks have undergone significant change over the past 20 years and most significantly in the past 10 years.  During this time period, the procedure went from creating an entire flap all the way to the lower rib cage, to more of a tunneling procedure, which preserves the vascular and neural support of the abdominal skin.  Additionally, most surgeons will now place the original incision low on the abdomen for a scar that is easily hidden by bathing suit or other clothing.   

Dr. Marino always assesses the actual needs of each patient to determine if this procedure is best for you.  Some people respond well to the skin tightening of other technologies and if the skin is not excessive and the muscles not widely separated, liposuction alone might produce an excellent result. Some women have a more rounded abdomen with excessive fat inside the abdominal cavity, around the intestines.  These women are best treated with a complete hormonal evaluation, significant dietary changes and frequent customized exercise rather than surgery.  Some women have excessive stretch marks or striae, that likely won’t respond to skin tightening technologies in which case, a tummy tuck is likely to be the best procedure.   

If Dr. Marino determines that a tummy tuck is right for you, she will take measurements, photos and blood work as well as discussing which medications, vitamins and other supplements you should not take in the 2 weeks prior to your planned surgical procedure.  

Procedures can be booked with tumescent or local anesthesia and sedation or with monitored anesthesia care, which is a deeper sedation, or even with a general anesthesia.  The Liposuction is completed first using the Tickle lipo and Smart Lipo on areas other than the abdomen.  Liposuction on the abdomen is completed with Tickle Lipo alone.  After the liposuction is completed, the skin markings are drawn and the skin is filled with local anesthesia.  The initial skin incision will be hip to hip and within the panty line.  Placing the incision here allows for improved contouring of the waist and for a lifting effect on the thighs and mons pubis.  Small “tunnels” are made in the subcutaneous fat to allow for mobilization of the skin and exposure of the rectus muscles..  The muscles are injected with local anesthesia and then sutured together in the midline to create a smaller torso.  Once the skin is optimally mobilized, the excess skin is removed and the new opening in the skin for your navel is created.  A drainage tube is placed and a specialized blood product, from you, and called PRP, is injected into the subcutaneous fat.  A portion of the PRP is then mixed to make a gel that is inserted into the incision once it is nearly closed.  The PRP helps to reduce bruising and helps the incision to heal with the most discrete scar possible.   

Call for your free consultation to see if a tummy tuck is the right option for you.


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